Testimony of the past and confidence in the future

Hemmingford was named in 1792 after Hemingford in Huntingdonshire, England in 1792. Interesting fact: most of the township roads are named after early settlers.

History is the past of a vibrant future!

Through the architecture of certain heritage buildings, modernized over the years, in Hemmingford the past meets the present.

Be it by an old hotel converted into a hardware store, then later transformed into a pub, a former convent turned cultural center, or an old railway bed used now used as a bike path, Hemmingford is renewing itself.

Through generations, this same sense of obligation has required dialogue in Hemmingford to balance change with tradition” (excerpt from the book: “Images of Hemmingford”).

It is important to educate the new generations about the many treasures that were created and discovered by our brave settlers. Such heritage and natural richness encourages and supports the vitality of today’s community.