Garbage pick up


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The door-to-door waste collection takes place on Tuesdays every two weeks for the months of January, February, March, November and December. For the other months the collection is every week on Tuesday. It is important to place your garbage bin on the way for 8:00 am in the morning.


Our contractor for garbage, must comply with standards of health and safety of its workers. On several occasions, drivers found themselves with stuck fingers, cover on the head, intruders in the box (skunks, rat, rat, cat …).

For this reason, here is the list of eligible and ineligible containers.

An eligible container is:
  • A closed and waterproof trash can of up to 100 liters, equipped with rigid handles;
  • A 240 or 360 liter bin (garbage) and no blue color;
  • Well-attached plastic bags are acceptable.

NOTE: Any container that is dangerous when handled, that can crack or be damaged will not be emptied of its contents.

The following containers are no longer compliant:
  • Waste bin used for waste;
  • Box made of wood, metal or plastic;
  • Barrels large or small, with or without lids, with or without handles will no longer be emptied. As well as wheelbarrows, tractor shovels, vans, trailers, etc. (to contain the waste);

NOTE: Any container less than 20 liters will be discarded such as: central sweeper receptacle, 5 gallon, small kitchen bins placed at way etc.

How to place the bin

The bin must be placed with the wheels and the handle facing your house and at least 50 cm (20 inches) away from any other bin or object. This is so the truck can easily lift the bin to empty its materials into the truck.

Toutes les matières doivent être à l’intérieur du bac avec le couvercle fermé : le camion mécanisé ne permettra plus une collecte manuelle des matières qui seraient dans un sac ou une boite à coté du bac.