By-law no. 241 states that you are required to register your dog(s) with the Municipality.

For identification purposes, the Township ask you to register your pets with us. We will give you a numbered tag identifying your dog in case he gets lost. The cost is $10 per year without proof of vaccination and $5 per year with proof. Once registered, the fee will be added to your municipal tax bill.

Wild animals

For wild animals such as skunks, raccoons or foxes that are disoriented, abnormally aggressive or paralyzed, please contact Service Québec (Surveillance de la rage du raton laveur) at 1-877-644-4545 from 8:30 to 16:30.

Surveillance, including raccoon, is essential to monitor the progression of rabies in southern Quebec. If exposed to a potentially infected animal, contact Info-Santé at 811.

For more information on


The SPCA Roussillon offers advice!

What to do if you come across a wildlife animal:

  • In distress? If the animal has difficulty moving because it seems injured or sick, contact the SPCA Roussillon at 450-638-9698 to get the assistance of a patroller.
  • Deceased? Report its precise location to the SPCA Roussillon at 450-638-9698 or so that it can be picked up.
  • Orphan? His mother is probably around. Avoid intervening and watch from a distance. If the animal does appear to be abandoned, report it to the SPCA Roussillon at 450-638-9698.


  • In perfect health? You don’t need to intervene. Cohabitation is the best solution to preserve biodiversity and the richness of our environment. 🌱

If the animal in question causes you an inconvenience, here are some easy tips that respect animal welfare:


SPCA Roussillion

For lost dogs, please contact the Township ASAP. You can also consult the following site: SPCA Roussillon