The Urbanism & Inspection service grants permits and services in many different areas:

  • Construction, transformation, addition, repair, renovation, demolition, accessory use (pools, sheds, gazebos, garages, etc.) projects
  • Installations or modification of septic systems and wells
  • Project of modifying the use or the location of a building
  • Tree clearing, excavation, back-fill, humus movement, spreading and/or storing animal manure and MRF, the transportation of buildings prefabricated or otherwise
  • Cadastral operations

Before undertaking any construction project or renovations, including well or septic installations, it is important that you verify with the municipality that your project conforms to municipal laws.

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Devon Watt

Building and Environment Inspector


Please fill out the applicable forms and submit them to municipality along with all the required supplementary documentation outlined in said forms in order to complete a permit request.


If you would like to allow a third party to sign for a permit, grant someone access to your dossier,  or allow a contractor to manage a permit request, the following form is necessary. Please submit it to the municipality along with all other required forms documents.