Heritage buildings are a significant part of Hemmingford’s image, they are important historical markers and provide an aesthetic image to our community. For this reason, the municipal council has adopted a by-law to protect them. The heritage building by-law is applied in two specific sectors of the municipality and targets two main issues:

  • To prevent the destruction of the historical characteristics of the listed buildings
  • To encourage the restoration of these buildings by providing the framework under which it should happen

That’s why in certain areas (see the map on the right) you cannot modify the building’s height, the siding material, the size of the windows or the slope of the roof. Certain types of materials cannot be used to recover the buildings. Opening for windows and doors have to be located at the original place and have to be the original size. For the roof, the slope must remain the same. There are other small details that need to be followed in those sectors. For those residents that have a property in the targeted sectors, we are inviting you to sit down with our municipal inspector before beginning the work on your homes.