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  • Mission
  • Purpose
  • Structure
  • Steering Committee
  • To work with the economic, social, and environmental objectives of Hemmingford’s Sustainable Development Plan.

  • To assist the Sustainable Development Committee, as well as the town and village councils, fulfill their objectives as well as to bring new and qualified ideas to the table with regards to its branding, promotion, and external marketing communications.




  • Hier

  • The Junior Council for Community Development steering committee is made up of a group of young people who

    • Have a strong belief in Hemmingford
    • Value future of the community
    • Possess university degrees in related fields (business, political science, urban planning, tourism, natural sciences, etc.)
    • Have young entrepreneurial spirits

Hemmingford, by its rural and friendly atmosphere, assures a unique quality of life steps away from the island of Montréal. With its welcoming agro-touristic and touristic community, cultural and historic heritage are highlighted while economic development on a human scale balances well with respect for the environment. Hemmingford marries quality of life and the well-being of its citizens with environmental respect and economic development.


Project Leaders

Jayne McNaughton

Project Leader

Executive Vice President and Partner, CAI Global Group

Gregg Edwards

Special Advisor

Project Manager

Justin Petch

Project Manager

General Management
McGill University, 2016

Senior Members

Pierre Beattie-Dagenais

External relations

Political Sciences
Concordia University, 2016

Devon Watt

Marketing Communications/Chief Social Media Officer

Urban Planning
Concordia University, 2016

Sean Enderle

Secretary Treasurer, Event Coordinator

John Molson School of Business
Concordia University, 2016

Robert Lussier

Internal Relations

International Business
John Molson School of Business
Concordia University, 2016

Junior Members

Sophie Patenaude

Marketing Communications

Health Sciences
Dawson College, 2017

Trevor Blaise

Marketing Communications

International Business
Dawson College, 2017

Trenton Blaise

Event Coordinator

Political Sciences
Concordia University, 2019 

Marc-Émile Séguin

Internal Relations

Pure & Applied Sciences
Cégep Édouard Montpetit, 2016

The set of values ​​and pride in belonging transcends the generations here in Hemmingford. They feed the pride of youth in the community. The Mayor, Mr. Paul Viau, expresses that, “it is our youth who will benefit from the investments and choices we make today.” In a recent study by the CAI Global Group, a consulting firm, the local youth were consulted, noting the importance of their role in our community. Their involvement in this project confirms the continued commitment to keep Hemmingford moving forward towards an era of growth and prosperity.

In order to put these findings into practice, the youth of the area have banded together to form a junior council who will work in partnership with the Hemmingford Sustainable Development Committee, to determine sustainable goals and develop a short and long term action plan. Under the supervision of Mrs. Jayne McNaughton, Executive Vice President and Partner of CAI Global, and Mr. Gregg Edwards, teacher of our region’s youth for 41 years, this young group will assist the Sustainable Development Committee to achieve the objectives delineated in the action plan in the economic, social and environmental spheres.