Urbanism and public works


Permits for construction, renovation, wells

In addition to disseminating information on planning regulations, the Planning Department is responsible for issuing building permits and certificates of approval, as well as the inspection of buildings. It also oversees and enforces planning regulations, including zoning, subdivision, construction and architecture.

Notez que plusieurs types de travaux que vous pouvez souhaiter entreprendre sur une propriété peuvent nécessiter l’obtention d’un permis ou certificat d’autorisation.

The urbanism and inspection service grants permits and services in many different areas:

  • The construction of a new building;
  • The modification, renovation and enlargement of an existing building;
  • The construction of accessory buildings such as sheds and garages;
  • The installation of structures such as swimming pools and spas;
  • Environmental protection and septic systems;
  • The removal or demolition of a building;
  • The change of use of a building;
  • Business services and signs;
  • Tree cutting;
  • Artesian wells;

We therefore advise you to first contact the Planning Department before undertaking any project to verify the need for such permits or certificates and the normative provisions to be complied with. We will be pleased to review the viability of your projects.

If you have undertaken work before having received an authorization from the municipality you are in breach and criminal causes may be applied.

If you have any questions about this subject, do not hesitate to contact the person in charge of our service.

To make an appointment with our planning department, available on Tuesdays only from 9 am to 4 pm, call 450 247-3310.

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Planning regulations


Our public works services main objection is to maintain the Townships’ infrastructure in good repair, particularly the culverts, the ditches, the lighting systems and the routed network.

Services and information

If you notice or have a problem on the sewer system, aqueduct, rainwater as well as the public lighting network we count on your collaboration to inform us of any defect (breakage, damage, vandalism, …). Please contact us as soon as possible.