garbage-40357_960_720Garbage pick up schedule

Door to door garbage pick up takes place every Wednesday morning.
It is important to have your bins road side before 7:00 am.


Our garbage contractor, Recy Compact, must comply with health and safety standards to protect its workers. The drivers regularly have the lids of wooden garbage boxes fall on their heads, have their fingers jammed or discover intruders inside these boxes (a skunk, raccoon, rat or cat…) For this reason, only the following containers for garbage will be accepted: Acceptable containers include a closed, rigid garbage pail with a maximum capacity of 100 liters, with rigid handles; a garbage bin with wheels with a 240 to 360 liter capacity or plastic garbage bags that are securely closed. Any container that may present a risk when handled, that may split open or that is damaged will not be emptied.

The following containers are not acceptable: recycling bins used for garbage; wooden, metal or plastic boxes; small or large barrels either with or without a lid and either with or without handles. These containers and the following will no longer be emptied: wheelbarrows, tractor shovels, the box on pick-up trucks, trailers, etc. used to hold garbage. If a container under 20 liters capacity is used to hold garbage, both the garbage and the container will be thrown into the garbage truck, such as central vacuum canisters, 5 gallon or small kitchen garbage containers placed by the road, etc.

recycle-bin-155650_960_720Recycling pick up schedule

Our recycling company, Recy Compact, modernized their fleet of trucks. As of December 23rd 2010, the recycling truck was equipped with a mechanical lift. For this reason, your recycling bin must be positioned correctly by the roadside, if not, it will not be picked up.


How to place your bin:
Bins must be placed with the wheels and the handle facing your house and at least 50 cm (20 inches) away from any other bin or object. This is so the truck can easily lift the bin to empty its contents into the truck.

All materials must be inside the bin & the lids closed: the mechanical lift does not permit the pick up of materials found outside the bin, that is, in a bag or a box placed beside the bin.